Our Unique Selling Points

We are unique because of our


Our know-how and IP of the HELP design (Hollow Electrode Loose Stacking) of mono-materials.

Production Method

Dedicated partner factory with customized injection molding process, suited for mass production, and IP owned stacking process..

Making our fuel cell

Low Cost

  • Significant lower cost compared to our competitors
  • Scalable and easy to maintain and recycle (loose stacking)
  • Mass production


  • Up to 3 times more efficient than combustion engines
  • Reliable safe design with an expected lifespan of 80.000 hours
  • Silent operation since there are no moving parts


  • 3 times less CO2 due to energy efficiency, no NOx/PM
  • Even CO2 neutral when pure CO2 is captured
  • Negative emissions possible with bio-fuels plus CO2 capture (circular energy)
  • Fully recyclable fuel cell

Therefore we provide a solution for

The Energy Transition

  • Because of the multi-fuel flexibility, so existing fuels portfolio and infrastructures can still be utilized for transport and power
  • Therefore low cost solution to accelerate Electric Vehicle market introduction

Peak Shaving

  • Since it is a reversible process, SOFC fuel cells are a tool to balance energy excess or shortage of supply/ power balance (adds electrolyser functionality)
  • Operate well in “part load conditions” (high efficiency at reduced power, can follow energy fluctuation)
  • Reduce investment costs in power plants

Decentral Power

  • Fully modular power, from penlight to power plant Distributed and reversible power
  • Enabling the ‘Internet of Power’ (see overview below)

Circularity of CO2

  • SOFC fuel cells produce pure CO2
  • When recovered, this can be transformed with H2 into methanol (CH3OH). This can be used as fuel again resulting in carbon circularity and negative emissions when combined with bio-fuels (see overview below)

Our Fuel Cell Enables Decentral and Efficient Clean Energy at Peoples Homes

Our Fuel Cell enables Circularity of CO2