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Circonica expands engineering team and opens second laboratory at Leiden research facility.

In the past months, Circonica continued its journey by developing the multifuel HELP-SOFC to accelerate the energy transition. While significant progress is made on the technical development of the cell, Circonica is attracting new investors which enables the company to expand its team and research facilities. By contracting two specialized SOC engineers, Circonica boosts its in-house expertise and development power to supply the market with the innovative HELP-SOFC.

Diederik Jaspers, CTO of Circonica, is thrilled with the arrival of the new employees. He states: “I am very happy with the arrival of this new talent. This step matches with the ambition and goals of Circonica to scale up the development and be ready for market introduction by 2024.” The Circonica team now consists of 8 persons including the board and excluding external research facilities at the University of Groningen where four MSc/PhD students, besides their educational duties, are working on the HELP-SOFC concept.

Tom Wagemans joined the team. Tom did his studies at the TU Delft in Energy and Process technology where he worked on modeling and validating SOFC test stations. Furthermore, Tom has worked on experiments for the validation of the lifetime performance of rSOC’s in the Horizon 2020 UE project at Denmark Technical University. Tom: “I am happy to join the team and strongly believe in the potential of the HELP-SOFC to reduce costs while accelerating the energy transition”.

In addition to the new team members,  the office and research location in Leiden is also expanding. The Leiden office opens a new flexible working environment together with a doubling of the lab size. The new lab room allows Circonica to perform more tests in parallel and thereby significantly reduces the development time. The new lab enables, besides testing of multi HELP-SOC stacks in both fuel and electrolysis mode, also the in-house production of advanced components. Mischa van Veenendaal, who joined the team in February as Mechanical Engineer from the LIS, will supervise the second laboratory. Mischa: “The new lab with advanced equipment provides a world of opportunities in the development of the HELP-SOFC. By largely increasing our test capacity, we hope to accelerate the market introduction ”. The new lab is planned to open on the 1st of September.

Interested to join the team? Or looking for a challenging internship?

We are always looking for bright minds. If you believe in the potential of SOC’s and have knowledge or experience in the field of hydrogen, than we are looking for you! Please reach out to us at We also have multiple internship opportunities (or research projects) open at different educational levels.

About Circonica

At Circonica, we develop a new Hollow Electrode Loose Plate Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (HELP-SOFC). Our Circular Energy cells offers solutions for the energy transition, smart decentral grids and CO2 reduction towards circular energy. The HELP-SOFC cell is developed by our CTO Diederik B.C. Jaspers and enables low cost multifuel operation and clean circular energy in both Fuel and Electrolysis mode.