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Diederik Jaspers and Coen Faber, in collaboration with Liberty Global’s Sam Khola and Cok Arkesteijn and SCTE’s Derek DiGiacomo, have published a new whitepaper about negative emissions in cable networks. The whitepaper can be read in SCTE Technical Journal Vol.2, No.2, pages 5 through 26, published in July 2022. Click here to view.

An interesting application for SOFC’s systems for the cable sector is delivery of distributed power. This is based on the fact that most power consumption in cable networks occurs in ‘the outside plants’, not in datacenters, see power-pyramid:

A challenge for the cable networks is to find energy efficiency and sustainable solutions for their outside plants power usage. See the large power use of outside plants in the Power Pyramid of the cable sector.

A promising solution can be the SOFC’s fuel cell systems for the delivery of clean and efficient distributed power. This solution has been recognized by the SCTE Energy 20|20 working group to award the SOFC HELP fuel cell as winner of the first SCTE Adaptive Power Challenge in the category Breakthrough.

Source: SCTE website.

The application of the HELP solid oxide fuels cells can offer multiple advantages for the energy use and sustainability goals of cable operators. Some highlighted are:

  • Improvement of network up-time during power outages, redundancy
  • Reduce application of lead-acid batteries
  • Economic scaling of backup time by tank capacity instead of batteries
  • Decrease carbon footprint by improved efficiency and sustainable fuels

For years Circonica has been closely cooperating with the cable sector. In collaboration with Liberty Global and the SCTE organisation a white paper has been written with description of a number of different use cases in cable networks.